The Generally Pro-Carry Supermajority was lost in the FL House and reduced in the FL Senate as we face challenges to Florida’s Self-Defense and Right to Carry laws in the next legislative session.

Two articles from Sunshine State News provide some insight on the State races. 

Generally pro-gun but anti-open carry State Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Fort Lauderdale) was defeated by rabidly anti-gun/anti-self-defense State Sen. Maria Sachs (D-Boca Raton).

State Rep. Chris Dorworth (R-Lake Mary), who sponsored Campus Carry and Open Carry legislation in 2011 and is in line to become House Speaker, is currently 37 votes behind his anti-gun challenger Mike Clelland (D) who wants to make it illegal to purchase ammunition in quantity or via the internet and has decried the private ownership of “Assault Weapons” and “Large Clips”.

Amidst the George Zimmerman Self-Defense trial and the media storm that surrounds it; the incoming Senate Democratic Leader, State Sen. Chris Smith (D-Fort Lauderdale), has been an outspoken critic of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” and Self-Defense Immunity laws and has even called for repeal of long standing “Castle Doctrine” protections.

In addition to our ongoing right to carry and firearms law preemption lawsuits, Florida Carry is currently working on these legislative priorities for the 2013 session.

  • "Stand our Ground" to support Self-Defense Laws that do not require people to turn their backs and try to run from an attack.
  • Defensive Display law to allow armed people to defensively display a firearm or defensive weapon while under criminal attack but before needing to actually use lethal force. 
  • Knife & Defensive Weapon Law Preemption 
  • People who defend themselves should be "innocent until proven guilty". Shift the burden of proof to the State in Self-Defense Immunity Cases. 
  • Remove arbitrary round count enhancements. Repeal the 20 round mag = automatic 20 year mandatory minimum law. 
  • Stop applying 10-20-Life mandatory minimum laws to people who are only trying to defend themselves against an imminent or actual violent criminal attack. 
  • Reduce the list of “Defense Free Zones” where carry is prohibited. 
  • Open Carry 
  • Campus Carry 
  • Constitutional Carry

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