Florida Carry Files Lawsuits Against City of Miami and
Miami-Dade County To End Illegal Gun Control

On Monday October 31st, Florida Carry, Inc. will file lawsuits against the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County to end their unlawful gun control ordinances. Since 1987 the Florida Legislature has preempted firearms law and issued statewide licenses to carry for self-defense. Since 1982 it has been legal for law abiding adults to keep a handgun in their glove-box or closed console without any licensing requirements.

Over the past year Florida Carry members and volunteers have worked with over 300 local jurisdictions to have unlawful gun control ordinances repealed and remove dangerous bans on our constitutionally protected right to a means of self-defense.  During the last legislative session HB 45 was passed to provide for the enforceability of Florida's longstanding preemption of all firearms and ammunition laws. We are pleased to report that the vast majority of local governments have subsequently repealed their anti-gun laws and removed dangerous "No Firearms" signs. Just yesterday, state Representative Rick Kriseman (D - St. Petersburg) withdrew a bill that would have allowed Pinellas County to ignore state firearms laws without penalty. They wanted to be above the law but Florida gun owners won the day.

Despite our best efforts to educate city and county officials about the requirements of the firearms preemption law, some local leaders and bureaucrats have decided to test our resolve. Miami continues to demand that parents have no means to protect themselves and their children in public parks. The city even goes so far as to demand that law abiding people disarm during locally declared emergencies. New Orleans did the same thing after Hurricane Katrina. Gun owners were disarmed and left defenseless as lawlessness spread in the Hurricane's aftermath. It was the largest gun grab in modern U.S. History and the City of Miami maintains an ordinance designed to allow it to do the same thing.

The Second Amendment was designed to protect your right to an effective means of self defense. This is especially important in places like parks, were crime happens often, and parents have a need to defend their families. During emergencies, when police agencies are often overwhelmed, the right to defend yourself is CRITICAL! The City of Miami and Miami-Dade County have both declared they can take your rights away at their whim in parks and even after a disaster.

Florida Carry works tirelessly to resolve these issues statewide and has been left with no option but to file these lawsuits. We will have a small meeting on Saturday, November 12th, at Miami-Dade's Black Point Marina Park to enjoy a morning of Fishing and answer any questions about Florida Carry.

Florida Carry also has an ongoing case against the University of North Florida's ban on University Students possessing firearms in campus parking lots. See our Litigation Page.

These cases are expensive to file and fight, our opponents have nearly unlimited funds and will attempt to burry us in these lawsuits.
We need your Voice! Please Join Florida Carry or Donate to our Legal Fund.

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