Florida Carry Suspends Filing of Lawsuits Against City of Miami and
Miami-Dade County Pending Planned Repeal of Gun Control Ordinances


Miami, FL (November 1st, 2011) – As we reported earlier, Florida Carry, Inc. planned to file lawsuits on Monday against the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County to end their unlawful gun control ordinances. Moments before the cases were to be filed with the court, we received assurances from the Miami City Attorney's Office that their unlawful ordinances will be repealed on November 17th. Miami-Dade County has also agendaed a measure to repeal its gun control laws.

We have subsequently decided to suspend filing the cases against Miami and Miami-Dade. We will not file the lawsuits if the city and county follow through with their plans to repeal the offending ordinances at their next council meetings and if there are no attempts to enforce the preempted gun control laws before their removal from the city and county books.

Florida Carry has identified and worked with over 300 cities, counties, and state agencies to remove unlawful gun control ordinances and signs. The vast majority of those jurisdictions have subsequently repealed their ordinances and pulled down their anti-gun signs. We are pleased that these Miami lawsuits may now be avoided.

We will have a small meeting on Saturday, November 12th, at Miami-Dade's Black Point Marina Park to enjoy a morning of Fishing and answer any questions about Florida Carry and our efforts to support Florida gun owners.

Our strength is in our grassroots. Our continued success is dependent on your membership. Please join us today.

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