2016 Session Bills


SB 68: Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms

Companion - HB 4001


This is the college/university campus carry bill. Florida Carry strongly believes one's self-defense rights should not end at an arbitrary and insecure border. The bill would simply remove postsecondary education facilities from the prohibited places list in FS 790.06(12).

SB 130: Discharging a Firearm

Companion - HB 41

Discharging a Firearm; Prohibiting the recreational discharge of a firearm in certain residential areas; providing criminal penalties; providing exceptions, etc.


This bill was submitted in order to preclude the introduction of a much more onerous bill promised by anti-gun legislators. Because the bill includes, "If, under the circumstances, the discharge does not pose a reasonably foreseeable risk to life, safety, or property..." as a blanket exception, its prohibition does not apply to those circumstances clearly safe, i.e., discharge into a clearing barrel, properly constructed range, etc.


SB 228: Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Companion - HB 135


This important bill removes the crime of aggravated assault from being subject to mandatory minimum sentencing. The intended effect is to protect those who lawfully but imperfectly use force in self-defense, legally differentiating between the armed citizen and a violent criminal.


SB 300: Weapons and Firearms

Companion - HB 163


This is the OPEN CARRY bill. It repeals FS 790.053 for license holders, thus making Florida the 46th open carry state in the nation. This hotly contested bill is being vehemently opposed by the self-proclaimed pro-2A Florida Sheriffs Association. 

SB 612: Slungshot

Companion - HB 4009


This bill removes slungshot (aka blackjack), from the definition of weapons, the concealed carry of which is a violation of FS 790.01 without a license.


SB 666: Voter Identification

Companion - HB 505


This bill expands the list of acceptable identification, adding the concealed weapons/firearms license and others for purposes of voting.

SB 772: Regulated Service Providers

Companion - HB 641


The bill improves and streamlines certain aspects of the concealed weapons licensing process, including removing the notary requirement for the application affidavit.

SB 1132: Exception to the Waiting Period for Purchasing and Delivering Handguns

Companion - HB 1397


This bill removes the 3-day waiting period imposed by statute for qualified law enforcement officers.


SB 1140: Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licensees

Companion - HB 935


This bill would require licensees to identify themselves as armed to all first responders, including emergency medical technicians and firefighters, increases penalty for not being in possession of one's license from $25 to $1000, creates a 6-hour course of instruction requirement.


SB 1408: Public Records/Records Concerning Firearms Relinquished Pursuant to Protective Injunction

Companion - HB 927


This bill exempts personally identifying data from release under the Sunshine Law pertaining to certain forfeitures related to injuctions for stalking, cyberstalking, and domestic violence. The bill is linked to SB 1410.


SB 1410: Relinquishment of Weapons by Persons Subject to Protective Injunctions

Companion - HB 925


This bill would require all firearms seized in the course of a permanent injunction for stalking, cyberstalking, and domestic violence to be surrendered immediately to a law enforcement officer upon demand, or to a federal firearms licensee if no demand is made by law enforcement. However the bill offers no provision for private sale, transfer to a trust, to relatives, or to heirs as part of an estate. 

SB 1476: Firearm Violence

Companion - HB 1167


If enacted, this bill would authorize the seizure of all firearms in a residence based solely on an allegation of domestic violence, in violation of due process and property ownership rights.

SB 1500: Concealed Weapons and Firearms

Companion - HB 4051


The bill removes commercial airport terminals, notwithstanding federal security areas, from the prohibited places list where licensees may not lawfully carry.


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