HB-19 - School Safety:

Permits school superintendent, with approval of the school board, to authorize school safety designee to carry concealed weapon or firearm on school property; provides requirements for school safety designees; provides exception to prohibition on possession of firearms or other specified devices on school property or other specified areas; provides for fingerprint processing & retention; requires that fees be borne by school safety designee or school; requires school boards to formulate policies & procedures for dealing with active shooters & hostage situations in consultation with law enforcement; requires district school boards & private schools allow campus tours by local law enforcement agencies for specified purposes & that their recommendations be documented; permits district school boards to commission one or more school safety officers on each school campus.

  • Florida Carry is Evaluating This Bill

HB 4005 & SB 176 - Licensed Carry on College & University Campus:

Repeals provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees carrying concealed weapon or firearm into college or university facilities.

  • Florida Carry Supports This Bill

SB 290 & HB 493 - Right to Bear Arms During Mandatory Emergency Evacuations:

Floridians who lawfully own a firearm are currently prohibited from taking their guns from their home during a state of emergency, the bill will allow those able to possess a firearm to protect themselves and their families in the chaos of a disaster, when law enforcement may be overwhelmed and unavailable to immediately come to their assistance.

  • Florida Carry Supports This Bill

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