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2017 Session Bills

The 2017 legislative session is gearing up. Although the formal session doesn't begin until March, bills are already being filed on both sides of the self-defense rights issue. The following is a list of bills potentially affecting the right to keep and bear arms.

SB 140 - Open Carry and Prohibited Places Reform

Sponsor - Sen. Greg Steube


This bill repeals several carry prohibitions placed on licensed carriers since 1987.

  1. Repeals open carry prohibition. General open carry has been unlawful in Florida since 1987. Prior to then, Each county had its own regulations regarding carry. When the state assumed full and sole authority to regulate firearms, anti-gun zealot and former Miami-Dade State Attorney Janet Reno browbeat the legislature DURING A SPECIAL BUDGET SESSION UNRELATED TO FIREARMS, to prohibit open carry. Using the media to paint fanciful tales of wild west style shootouts, Reno was able to convince lawmakers that needed to ban open carry. However this was supposed to be temporary, as the budget session did not include debate or public comment. Unfortunately, the promised review at the next legislative session did not occur. The bill seeks to repeal the current prohibition for licensed carriers, allowing them to make the decision as to what method of carry is appropriate for them at any given time, rather than the government. Open carry is legal in 45 states and requires no license or permit in 30 of those. Despite the "brief exposure" language added in 2011, licensees are still being arrested for innocent, unintentional exposure. Because "brief" is subjective and the exception is only an affirmative defense which can be raised in court, arrests continue. Opponents of this bill raise hypothetical, "what-if" arguments belied by states where open carry is legal. Only the restoring of open carry as a lawful method of carry will stop these needless arrests of law-abiding licensees.
  2. Removes several locations from the prohibited places list. Florida has a fairly sizable list of places where licensees cannot lawfully carry their firearms. In light of the proven track record of licensees, statistically six times more law-abiding than FL law enforcement officers, places where lawful carry is prohibited are simply disarmament zones for the law-abiding. Gun free zones offer criminals a guaranteed group of helpless victims. The untold and often overlooked side of this is - despite being disarmed by law in these places, neither the state nor the location incurs any heightened liability for safety or security than does the local McDonalds. In fact due to sovereign and qualified immunity, even less!
    • Meetings of governing bodies - local governments have been abusing this prohibition by declaring an entire building off limits to lawful carry even though the meeting is only in a single room, or not even occurring at that time. As currently written, a licensee would be legal carrying in the corridor, but not in the room where the meeting is taking place.
    • Meetings of the Legislature - interestingly enough, a licensee can legally carry in the corridors and offices of the state capitol building, just not into a meeting of any committee or the Legislature. 
    • Schools and Career Centers- As late as the early 1990's, many high schools had rifle teams and firearms safety classes. However the paradigm has shifted from education to extermination with regards to firearms. As a result, school shootings soared. In the ten years following the enactment of the 1995 Gun Free Schools Zone Act, school shooting rose over 300%. Columbine demonstrated the ineffectiveness of armed guards, as they are both readily identifiable and have predictable movements on campus. Removing this prohibition would allow statistically vetted licensees to carry on school campuses, enabling both a deterrent that is unpredictable to those intent on mayhem, as well increasing the probability of armed opposition being present. The overwhelming majority of spree shooters either surrender or commit suicide upon the sight of armed opposition. The other component to this is violent crime. Currently, about 400 violent crimes occur on FL college campuses, a fraction of what occurs on college owned, off-campus housing. The opposition focuses on "immature kids" carrying firearms while engaged in drinking and illegal drug use. However the bill only applies to licensed concealed carriers, who must be 21 (except servicemembers), and can have no serious criminal record or history of substance abuse. Licensees, including military veterans and those aged 21 or more, have been carrying lawfully since 1987. Only 6/1000ths of 1 percent have ever lost their licenses due to a crime involving a firearm.
    • Airport passenger terminals - Currently, Florida is one of only 6 states which ban lawful carry in an airport passenger terminal. This forces licensees to leave their firearm in an unattended vehicle, risking its theft. Additionally, this is often done in badly lit and sparsely populated parking structures. There were 633 violent crimes at just Orlando International Airport last year. Most frequently, this affects the licensee who simply wants to help family with luggage. You cannot now legally enter the baggage claim area armed, as it is part of the passenger terminal. Nowhere else is the absurdity of this prohibition more apparent than at OIA. Above the terminal and open to the terminal atrium, sits the Hyatt Regency. As a licensee, you are perfectly legal to carry in the hotel, but if you take the escalator or elevator to the terminal level, you commit a crime! Imagine that - elevator door closes, legal. Elevator door opens, criminal. In no way does this bill allow licensees to carry past the TSA checkpoints or onto airliners.

Because of the contentiousness of several of the elements of this bill, Florida Carry believes this bill's success will largely be decided on public comment, your engagement on this bill will be critical.

SB 128 - Self-Defense Immunity

Sponsor - Sen. Bradley

Your right to be considered "innocent until proven guilty" should apply at all phases of a criminal case.  The current method the courts are using in self-defense immunity hearings is to treat the victim of a violent criminal as "guilty until you prove yourself innocent" if you are forced to defend yourself and your family.  The current law clearly says that people who defend themselves are to be immune from "arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting".  But the Florida Supreme Court ignored this clearly written provision of the law, necessitating this bill.

This bill is critical for your right to Self-Defense!


HB 6001 - Airport Carry

Sponsor - Rep. Jake Raburn 


This House bill is a related bill to SB 140, and removes the current carry prohibition in airport terminals.



 HB 6005 - Campus Carry

Sponsor - Rep. Scott Plakon


This House bill is a related bill to SB 140, and removes the current carry prohibition on college campuses.


 SB 142 - Storage of Firearms

Sponsor - Sen. Gary M. Farmer, Jr.


This wrongheaded bill risks the lives of families throughout the state. It would require any person with a "child" 16 or younger, to secure any operable firearm under lock and key, without regard to the child's actual ability to safely handle a firearm. It doesn't matter if your 16 year old is a trophy winning competitive marksman, or has been hunting since they were 10, Sen. Farmer says no! In a state with untold millions of gun owners (over a million and a half are licensed concealed carriers), fewer than ten children (ages 0 - 17) were killed unintentionally by firearms in Florida in 2015 (CDC WISQARS). In contrast, 17 children were accidentally poisoned and 92 drowned last year in Florida. This is a solution seeking a problem. In the Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case, D.C. v. Heller, laws that require locking guns up and making firearms unusable for immediate defense of life and property were found to be unconstitutional. If a "child" breaks into your home and steals your firearm, YOU GO TO JAIL under this terrible bill.


 SB 170 - Prohibited Places for Weapons and Firearms

Sponsor - Sen. Oscar Braynon II


In denial of the fact that disarming the law-abiding does nothing to disable a murderer, Sen. Braynon's bill would add performing arts centers and "legitimate theaters" to the prohibited places list! Gun free zones equal unarmed victim zones. We expect this ineffective bill to dutifully die without committee hearing.

Interestingly, the legal term "Legitimate Theater" comes to us from The pre-revolutionary British Licensing Act of 1737. Its purpose was to control and censor what was being said about the British King and government through theater.  The bills' sponsor recently pointed to the shooting that happened in the "gun free" theater in Colorado as his motivation for the bill.  However, "Legitimate Theater" does not include movie theaters.  Not only is the bill dangerously wrongheaded and potentially deadly to good people, it's inartfully drafted.


 SB 254 - Gun Safety

Sponsor - Sen. Linda Stewart


 This bill is a vain attempt to introduce California-style gun control to Florida. It redefines the nebulous term "assault weapon" to "any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic, or burst fire at the option of the user, or any one of the following specified semiautomatic firearms:". It then goes on to list scores of semiautomatic rifles, including all AR and AK types, and even includes some firearms no longer manufactured. But it doesn't stop there. The bill would require registration of all existing "assault weapons". Currently, registration of any firearm in Florida is a felony violation of FS 790.335. And if that weren't enough, the bill redefines "large capacity magazine" to any magazine holding more than seven rounds!

Although this bill is doomed to failure, it is evidence of Bloomberg-backed groups going from state to state looking to kill your right to keep and bear arms in defense of yourself and others.



HB 167 - Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

Sponsor - Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith


This House bill is a related bill to SB 254, and would ban the sale or transfer of "assault weapons" and large capacity magazines, and requires registration those currently owned.



HB 6013 - Breach of the Peace

Sponsor - Rep. Cord Byrd


This good bill seeks to remove the current subjectivity of what constitutes a legally prosecutable "breach of the peace". However it also specifically removes the statutory requirement of a court order to return firearms to persons from whom firearms were seized under warrant. Currently even if a search warrant is improperly executed upon one's home and firearms are seized, and even if no charges result, one must obtain a court order for return of the firearms. If there are no charges, then a court order is unnecessary, and the requirement for same would be removed under this bill.



2016 Session Bills


SB 68: Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms

Companion - HB 4001


This is the college/university campus carry bill. Florida Carry strongly believes one's self-defense rights should not end at an arbitrary and insecure border. The bill would simply remove postsecondary education facilities from the prohibited places list in FS 790.06(12).

SB 130: Discharging a Firearm

Companion - HB 41

Discharging a Firearm; Prohibiting the recreational discharge of a firearm in certain residential areas; providing criminal penalties; providing exceptions, etc.


This bill was submitted in order to preclude the introduction of a much more onerous bill promised by anti-gun legislators. Because the bill includes, "If, under the circumstances, the discharge does not pose a reasonably foreseeable risk to life, safety, or property..." as a blanket exception, its prohibition does not apply to those circumstances clearly safe, i.e., discharge into a clearing barrel, properly constructed range, etc.


SB 228: Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Companion - HB 135


This important bill removes the crime of aggravated assault from being subject to mandatory minimum sentencing. The intended effect is to protect those who lawfully but imperfectly use force in self-defense, legally differentiating between the armed citizen and a violent criminal.


SB 300: Weapons and Firearms

Companion - HB 163


This is the OPEN CARRY bill. It repeals FS 790.053 for license holders, thus making Florida the 46th open carry state in the nation. This hotly contested bill is being vehemently opposed by the self-proclaimed pro-2A Florida Sheriffs Association. 

SB 612: Slungshot

Companion - HB 4009


This bill removes slungshot (aka blackjack), from the definition of weapons, the concealed carry of which is a violation of FS 790.01 without a license.


SB 666: Voter Identification

Companion - HB 505


This bill expands the list of acceptable identification, adding the concealed weapons/firearms license and others for purposes of voting.

SB 772: Regulated Service Providers

Companion - HB 641


The bill improves and streamlines certain aspects of the concealed weapons licensing process, including removing the notary requirement for the application affidavit.

SB 1132: Exception to the Waiting Period for Purchasing and Delivering Handguns

Companion - HB 1397


This bill removes the 3-day waiting period imposed by statute for qualified law enforcement officers.


SB 1140: Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licensees

Companion - HB 935


This bill would require licensees to identify themselves as armed to all first responders, including emergency medical technicians and firefighters, increases penalty for not being in possession of one's license from $25 to $1000, creates a 6-hour course of instruction requirement.


SB 1408: Public Records/Records Concerning Firearms Relinquished Pursuant to Protective Injunction

Companion - HB 927


This bill exempts personally identifying data from release under the Sunshine Law pertaining to certain forfeitures related to injuctions for stalking, cyberstalking, and domestic violence. The bill is linked to SB 1410.


SB 1410: Relinquishment of Weapons by Persons Subject to Protective Injunctions

Companion - HB 925


This bill would require all firearms seized in the course of a permanent injunction for stalking, cyberstalking, and domestic violence to be surrendered immediately to a law enforcement officer upon demand, or to a federal firearms licensee if no demand is made by law enforcement. However the bill offers no provision for private sale, transfer to a trust, to relatives, or to heirs as part of an estate. 

SB 1476: Firearm Violence

Companion - HB 1167


If enacted, this bill would authorize the seizure of all firearms in a residence based solely on an allegation of domestic violence, in violation of due process and property ownership rights.

SB 1500: Concealed Weapons and Firearms

Companion - HB 4051


The bill removes commercial airport terminals, notwithstanding federal security areas, from the prohibited places list where licensees may not lawfully carry.



HB 517SB 234 - Carry Licensee Rights Reform: Licensed Open Carry, Campus Carry, Vehicle Storage of Firearms, Long Gun Purchase Out of State, and Dept. of Ag. Fingerprint Services.  

This NRA authored bill was a step in the right direction for some Florida right to carry issues but ultimately fell short of making meaningful advances for Carry Rights.
Campus Carry was removed from the bill in the first Senate committee stop.

Open Carry was gutted from the bill on the Senate Floor in a clear end-run around the legislative process.  The Leadership of the Florida House refused to let the bill come to a vote with the Open Carry provision despite overwhelming support from house members.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Partial Victory. Open Carry and Campus Carry Failed.


HB 45SB 402Firearms Preemption Enforceability: Provides penalties for government officials who knowingly & willfully violate Florida's Firearms Preemption Statute. Allows for the collection of attorney’s fees and damages.  Passing good state laws is a hollow victory when local governments ignore them.

Florida Carry Co-executive Director Richard Nascak worked tirelessly throughout 2010 to bring the abused preemption issue to light and was a genesis for HB45.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Victory! Communities and Agencies Statewide Must Remove Their Anti-Gun Laws By Oct. 1st 2011.


HB 499SB 1220Shall Issue Carry for Military & Vets: Those who defend our country overseas should be able to defend themselves and their families at home. This Florida Carry authored legislation will insure that our current troops and honorably discharged veterans can obtain a license to carry regardless of age or duty station.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Failed - Not Heard in Committee Before Deadline.

HB 155SB 432 - Gun Owner Privacy: Prohibits healthcare providers from inquiring, or refusing service for not answering questions, about gun ownership that are not related to medical treatment.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Victory! Passed.
    • See our Litigation Page.
      • The Brady Campaign and Pediatricians Lobby have sued to attempt to block this law.

HB 461SB 1232 - Firearms Sales Tax Holiday: Proposes a Tax holiday on firearms sales Oct 1st and 2nd.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Failed - Not Heard in Committee Before Deadline.

SB 604HB 7161 - Carry Licensee Privacy: Removes sunset provision to keep Carry Licensee info private.

  • Florida Carry Supported These Bills.
  • Victory! Passed


SB 1646HB 365Carry by Elected Officials: Allows elected officials to carry in government body and committee meetings but disarms even licensed citizens.  This bill represents the “only ones” attitude that has proven deadly to law abiding citizens.

  • Florida Carry Opposed These Bills.
  • Victory! Bill Failed in Committee.

SB 1726HB 1335Firearm Carry and Magazine Ban: Bans standard magazines that come as standard parts of common handguns and rifles, bans carrying defensive firearms and weapons on “school district” property. *not just schools*.

  • Florida Carry Opposed These Bills.
  • Victory! Bill Failed in Committee.

HB463 & SB998 - Shall Issue Carry Licenses for Military & Vets:

Those who defend our country overseas should be able to defend themselves and their families at home. There have been too many incidences of violence against our troops who have just returned from overseas deployments and found themselves defenseless at home.  Florida Carry authored legislation that will insure that our current troops and honorably discharged veterans can obtain a license to carry regardless of age or duty station.  The bill will also require that fingerprint cards be accepted from military police and provost so that service members stationed overseas can complete their applications.

There are over 8,000 adult service members under the age of 21 living in the State of Florida.  Countless more resident veterans and annual military visitors who will have their right the bear arms advanced by these bills.

This is a good first step toward full recognition of the right to bear arms by all law-abiding adults.

  • Florida Carry Authored and Strongly Supports These Bills
  • Victory! - Signed in to Law 4/13/2012

SB1732 - Uniform Knife and Weapons Act:

Senator Thad Altman (R- District 24) has filed SB 1732, a Knife and Defensive Arms Preemption bill developed by Florida Carry and our friends at Knife Rights. This bill does for Knives and defensive carry weapons what firearms preemption has done for the past 25-years. This will end a statewide patchwork of local laws that turn good people in to criminals as they cross county lines and city limits.

  • Florida Carry Authored and Strongly Supports This Bill
  • Died in Committee

HB5601 - Fee Reduction for License to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms:

Although Florida Carry stands opposed to license fees that serve only to deny the right to bear arms to those who can not afford the costs; we support this minor reduction in the restrictive and unnecessary tax levied on people who wish to carry concealed defensive arms for protection of themselves and their families.

  • Florida Carry Supports This Bill
  • Attached to Appropriations
  • Victory! - Signed in to Law 4/17/2012

HB179 & SB356 - Banning the "Common Pocketknife" from Universities and Schools:

This bill would ban even the "common pocketknife", the type usually carried by Boy Scouts, at all universities and schools in Florida.

  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills.
  • Victory! - Died in committee

Update: Because of the effort prompted by Florida Carry shining a light on this legislation, HB179 bill has been withdrawn from consideration. Events like these show the power of the grassroots support that Florida Carry is proud to be a part of. Thank you for your support and effort in getting this bill removed before it had a chance to become a problem!

HB4015 & SB248 - Repealing Privacy of Firearm Owners:

These bills would remove the right of patients to keep their gun ownership information private and would allow health care providers to refuse medical treatment gun owners.

This bill would remove the following language from law:

  • A health care provider or health care facility shall respect a patient's right to privacy...
  • A health care provider or health care facility may not discriminate against a patient based solely upon the patient's exercise of the constitutional right to own and possess firearms or ammunition.
  • A patient may decline to answer or provide any information regarding ownership of a firearm by the patient or a family member of the patient...
  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills.
  • Victory! - Died in committee

HB1087 & SB1340 - Bans Defensive Carry in Government Buildings and Child Care Facilities:

These bills would ban lawful defensive carry in all state and local government buildings and child care facilities statewide.

  • Carry into meetings of governing bodies is already prohibited.
  • There have several well documented shootings at these types of places, however none have been committed by lawful gun owners.
  • In fact, it was a lawful concealed carrier who intervened to stop an active shooter at a school board meeting in Florida last year.
  • The creation of more "gun-free zones" only bans law-abiding citizens their means of self-defense. It does absolutely nothing to deter a criminal.
  • Florida Carry Strongly Opposes These Bills.
  • Victory! - Died in committee

HB1269 & SB1556 - Weakens State Preemption of Firearms Law:

These bills would allow state agencies, counties, and municipalities to ban lawful defensive carry in public buildings during any sporting event. This would allow them to completely ban shooting related events at public facilities!

Concealed carry is already unlawful during athletic events under state law. This bill is nothing more than an attempt to put a crack in Florida's Exceptional Firearms and Ammunition Uniformity Law. It would once again expose lawful gun owners to a patchwork of local laws that they have no reasonable way to keep up with.

  • Carry into athletic events not related to firearms is already prohibited.
  • The creation of more "gun-free zones" only keeps law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. It does absolutely nothing to deter a criminal.
  • These bills are unnecessary and designed to whittle away at your rights.
  • Florida Carry Strongly Opposes These Bills.
  • Victory! - Died in committee


HM 545 - Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

Urges Congress and the President to protect the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  • Florida Carry Supports This Bill

HB 1047 & SB 1446 - Defense of Life, Home, and Property:

Urges Congress and the President to protect the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  • Florida Carry Authored and Strongly Supports These Bills

HB 1097 & SB 1418 - School Safety:

Urges Congress and the President to protect the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  • Florida Carry Supports These Bills

HB 97 & SB 374 - Exemption to Firearms Preemption for Events Outdoors or in Government Buildings:

This bill would create a patchwork of local laws designed to disarm lawful carriers of firearms at the whim of local jurisdictions and state agencies.

  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills

HB 0123 & SB 0362 - Prohibiting the Use of Deadly Force Against Home Invasion:

This bill would require that a home invader make an additional overt act, after they have force their way in to your home, before you can even point a gun at them in defense of yourself and your family. It also defines "unlawful activity" for the purposes of self-defense to include minor non-violent offences like operating an unlicensed hobby business part time from your home. This ill considered definition would prohibit people from defending themselves even while J-walking. The bill would also remove civil immunity protections in valid cases of the defense of innocent life.

  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills

SB 0136 & HB 0331 - Prohibiting the Use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force in Most Circumstances:

This bill would require that a victim who acted in defense of innocent life be arrested even without probable cause. The bill would make it illegal to defend yourself if you have left "a place of safety", chase a thief, or says provoking words to their would-be murderer. This provision would endanger people any time they leave their home. It would also take away protections designed to insure that people unjustly charged in civil court can recover their attorney fees, expenses and lost income. Finally, the bill requires FDLE and all other law enforcement agencies to compile data monthly for an annual report on self-defense incidents to the legislature.

  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills

SB 0314 & HB 4017 - Repealing gun owner medical rights and privacy laws:

This bill would allow helthcare providers to refuse to provide needed medical care to gun owners.

  • Florida Carry Opposes These Bills

HB 0501 & SB 988 - Possession/Discharge of Firearm/Destructive Device/During Commission of Specified Offenses
These bills would allow a sentencing court to impose minimum sentences for certain offenses in which a firearm was possessed or discharged if certain criteria are met.
Florida Carry is neutral on these bills

SB 1656 - Public Records/School Safety Marshals Information/DOE
This bill will exempt public records disclosure of personal identifying information for school safety marshals created under SB 1730.
Florida Carry is neutral on this bill.

SB 1730 - Public Schools
This bill establishes the school safety marshal program.
Florida Carry is neutral on this bill.

HB 97 & SB 374 - Concealed Weapons and Firearms
These bills carve out a preemption exception for local governments to prohibit firearms from certain public events and buildings.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

HB 123 & SB 362 - Use of Deadly Force
These bills would remove the legal presumption of great bodily harm or death to a person who forcibly enters an individual’s home, making the homeowner prove deadly force was necessary.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

SB 136 & HB 331 - Self-Defense
These bills eliminate the immunity from arrest afforded a person who utilizes lawful self-defense and removes the mandatory award of court costs and attorney fees to those found immune from prosecution.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

SB 314 & HB 4017 - Privacy of Firearm Owners
These bills repeal the patient protection act preventing doctors from unrelated inquiries into firearms ownership.
Florida Carry opposes these bills.

HB 325 & HB 327 & SB 1208 & SB 1224 - School Safety/Trust Funds/Creation/Safe Schools Trust Fund/DOE
These bills collectively dedicate taxes on firearms and ammunition to fund the Safe Schools Trust Fund, removes the exemption for license holders to carry within 500 feet of any school, and requires surrendering of firearms to school officials or police when within 500 feet of any school to avoid charges.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

SB 622 & HB 4009 - Use of Deadly Force in Defense of a Person
These bills would remove the legal presumption of great bodily harm or death to a person who forcibly enters an individual’s home, making the homeowner prove deadly force was necessary.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

HB 799 - Use of Force in Self-Defense
This bill eliminates the “stand your ground” defense if one pursues, causes disruption, or initiates an altercation.
Florida Carry strongly opposes this bill.

HB 993 & SB 1018 - Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition
These bills repeal preemption of local government regulation of firearms and ammunition.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

SB 1000 - Regulation of Firearms
This bill prohibits the care, custody, possession, or control of any firearm for a period of 90 days from any person who is sent for mental evaluation by law enforcement without any due process.
Florida Carry strongly opposes this bill.

HB 1051 & SB 1272 - Sale or Transfer of Firearms at Gun Shows
These bills make a felony of private sales of firearms at gun shows, requiring all such sales go through a licensed dealer.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

HB 1229 & SB 1678 - Firearms
These bills impose a 3-day waiting period on all firearms sales and mandates anger management class completion and periodic renewal prior to any ammunition purchase.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

HB 1343 & SB 1640 - Weapons or Firearms
These bills mandate universal background checks on all firearms transactions, prohibiting private sales, and requiring a licensed dealer process all such transactions.
Florida Carry strongly opposes these bills.

HB 1355 - Purchase of Firearms by Mentally Ill Persons
This bill provides for the prohibition of firearms to those who voluntarily submit themselves to a mental institution for treatment and has undergone involuntary examination under Baker Act.
Florida Carry neutral on this bill, but withholds support of it, due to the overly burdensome procedure for the restoration of rights after treatment.

SB 1484 - Mental Health
This bill waives confidentiality between medical care providers and patients under certain circumstances, requires such information to be provided to FDLE, and prohibits DOACS from issuing CWFLs to persons incapable of exercising proper judgment with regards to firearms.
Florida Carry opposes this bill.

SB 1486 - Public Records/Patients and Health Care Providers Information/FDLE
This bill creates an exemption from public records requirements for certain information of patients and health care providers under the mandatory reporting of mental health status for firearm safety program.
Florida Carry opposes this bill.

SB 1488 - Licensure to Carry a Concealed Weapon or Firearm
This bill extends the 3-year period of time required to have elapsed after a controlled substance, chronic alcohol abuse, or misdemeanor domestic violence conviction before one can apply for a CWFL.
Florida Carry opposes this bill.

SB 1582 - Culpable Negligence
This bill makes storing or leaving an “assault weapon” within reach or easy access of another person a third degree felony, with some exceptions.
Florida Carry strongly opposes this bill.

SB 1670 - Assault Weapons and Magazines
This bill implements a statewide ban on the import, manufacture, sale, or possession of “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines. At the end of a one-year grace period, all contraband items must be rendered inoperable, surrendered to law enforcement, or registered with FDLE.
Florida Carry strongly opposes this bill.