Florida Carry

Sustaining Membership

 Our standard level of membership 

$ 25.00

 /  1 year

Sustaining memberships are our standard level of membership with all regular rights and privileges. Voting and eligibility for local chapter officer positions requires at least this level of membership.

This membership Automatically Renews annually.


NFA Gun Trust & Exec Member

 $100 for one year of Executive Membership and an NFA Trust 

$ 100.00

 For  1 year

Florida Carry Executive Membership and an NFA Gun Trust from the industry's most trusted source, "Gun Trust Lawyer" David M. Goldman of GunTrust.com

The Executive Membership and NFA Trust are a $399 value for only $100.  If you have ever thought of owning a National Firearms Act (NFA) regulated item or firearm, this exclusive member benefit is for you. *No attorney relationship or support is expressed or implied.


10 Pay Life

 10 Monthly payments of $50 for a Life Membership 

$ 50.00

 /  1 month

10 Monthly payments of $50 toward a Life Membership.  While on the 10 Pay Life plan, you will be an Executive Member until all payments are completed.


Life Benefactor

 Life Membership for you and your spouse 

$ 1000.00

 For  Life Time

Life Benefactor Membership is primarily for those who simply wish to contribute more the furtherance of Second Amendment and Self-Defense rights issues in Florida. Life Benefactor Members receive a free NFA Gun Trust and all Life Membership benefits for themselves and their spouse.