Unless you have been living under a rock, you should be aware that Florida Carry has filed and won lawsuits against colleges and universities to protect the individual right of self-defense on campus.  Additional cases are pending.

Florida Carry v. UNF - Right to bear arms in private vehicles.
Florida Carry v. UF - Right to bear arms in private vehicles and inside the home.
Florida Carry v. Eastern FL State - Right to bear arms in private vehicles.
Florida Carry v. St. Petersburg College - Right to bear arms in private vehicles and carry non/less-lethal defensive weapons on campus.

We take no pleasure in being forced to file these lawsuits but we will not sit idly by while colleges and universities repeatedly fail to protect their students from criminal attack while illegally infringing on their right to bear arms for their own defense.  In Florida Carry v. UNF we clearly established that colleges and universities must comply with state law and the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  It is shocking that so many colleges have chosen to disobey the law and continue their illegal violations of the right to bear arms even after the clear decision of the court of appeals. We will continue to demand that colleges and universities cease their illegal activities and respect the right to bear arms.  

Florida Carry also fully supports the mission of the Students for Concealed Carry and has extended reciprocal Florida Carry membership to their Florida members since 2011.

You may legally posses a firearm in your personal vehicle (Handguns must be "securely encased") at any Florida public Career Center (tech school), College, or University.  It is also legal to store a firearm in your personal vehicle at any private school. Private schools may however attempt to impose academic sanctions.  It is also legal for a registered student, employee, or faculty member of a college or university who has a valid concealed carry license to carry a concealed stun gun or nonlethal electric weapon/device designed solely for defensive purposes as long as it does not fire a dart or projectile.

If your college, career center, or university is violating these rights, please contact us

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