Florida Carry

Florida Carry Key Accomplishments Timeline


  • Named 2016 CCRKBA Grassroots Organization of the Year
  • Argued Norman v. State open carry case to Florida Supreme Court - Ruling Pending.


  • Filed motion for en banc rehearing to 1st District Court of Appeal in Florida Carry v. University of Florida.
  • Filed appeal to the Florida Supreme Court in Norman open carry case, certiorari granted.
  • Filed notice of appeal to the Leon County Court in Florida Carry v. City of Tallahassee.
  • Filed lawsuit against Florida State University for violations of firearms preemption.
  • Filed lawsuit against the City of Tampa for violations of member's rights while engaging in lawful activity.
  • Drafted and lobbied for the passage of Florida's Open Carry bills, SB300, by Sen. Gaetz, and HB163, by Reps. Gaetz, Baxley, Combee, Drake, Eagle, Fant, O'Toole, Renner, Smith, Stone, Trumbull, and Van Zant.
  • Drafted and lobbied for the passage of Florida's Burden of Proof bill, SB344, by Sens. Bradley, Dean, Evers, Bean, and Simpson.
  • Forced removal of unauthorized "no firearms" signage in violation of preemption at government facilities (DACS regional offices, FL Dept. of Health, Seminole County, etc.)


  • Won lawsuit against Eastern Florida State College for violations of firearms preemption.
  • Won lawsuit against St. Petersburg College for violations of firearms preemption.
  • Filed lawsuit against University of Florida for violations of firearms preemption and the right to keep and bear arms in the home.
  • Filed lawsuit against the City of Tallahassee for violations of firearms preemption.
  • Filed lawsuit against Broward County for violations of firearms preemption.
  • Filed Amicus to Florida Supreme Court in Bretherick v. State on Burden of Proof in Defensive Immunity Hearings.
  • Drafted and successfully lobbied for the passage of Florida's Emergency Evacuation bill, SB290, by Sens.  Brandes, Bradley, Evers, Negron, and Stargel. This bill additionally contained a provision changing the possession of a valid carry license from being an affirmative defense to the lack thereof being an element of the crime of carrying a concealed firearm, protecting licensees from arbitrary arrest.
  • Initially drafted and successfully lobbied for the passage of Florida's Threat of Force Law, HB89, by Rep. Combee and Rep. Edwards and Sen. Evers.


  • Won Florida Carry v. UNF. Students and visitors statewide may now lawfully store firearms in their personal vehicles while parked on campus at state colleges and universities. - Florida Carry v. Univ. of N. FLA., 133 So. 3d 966 (Fla 1st DCA en banc 2013)
  • Secured return of firearms in court for a military vet. who's firearms were illegally seized by Daytona Beach Police.
  • Had firearms ban at FL Dept. of Health facilities repealed.
  • Amicus Brief in Mississippi Supreme Court case that upheld the state's new unlicensed open carry law.
  • Amicus Brief in Florida Supreme Court case clarifying that concealed carry alone is not grounds for police to detain or arrest.
  • Filed federal lawsuit against Citrus County and Deputy for unlawful arrest of concealed carry licensee.


  • Successfully negotiated to end the longstanding policy of denying entry to those who lawfully carry at the Florida State Fair. Signs were changed and security was retrained. For the first time in the history of state-issued carry licenses, licensees are welcome to carry at the Fair!
  • Authored and introduced HB 463 & SB 998 to allow military members and veterans under 21 to apply for their Florida Carry License (CWFL).
    • Unanimously passed both Florida House and Senate!
    • No pro-gun bill that we are aware of has EVER before passed with unanimous support.
  • Successfully provided legal defense for Hueris Mora; a lawful concealed carry licensee who was arrested and actively prosecuted for violation of Florida's Open Carry Ban when his properly holstered handgun became unconcealed as he raised his hands and informed an officer that he was legally armed during a vehicle stop.
    • Mr. Mora's gun was seized and he was maliciously prosecuted for over six months despite having committed no crime.  Florida Carry attorneys had his charges dismissed with prejudice.  Then, even with a lawyer, it still took four more months to get him his gun back.
  • Forced repeal of anti-gun ordinance in Leesburg Florida by successfully suing to demand compliance with state firearms preemption law.


  • Florida Carry filed a lawsuit against the University of North Florida (Florida Carry v. UNF) to end their unlawful and dangerous parking lot gun ban.
  • Case Won 2013
  • Florida Carry identified and worked with over 300 jurisdictions with unlawful gun control ordinances.
    • Most have responded to Florida Carry's efforts by complying.  Ordinances were repealed and gun ban signs were taken down statewide.
    • A few jurisdictions, universities, and colleges have decided to test our resolve.
    • Lawsuits are ongoing, more are pending...
  • SB 234 was introduced with Florida Carry and NRA support to decriminalize open carry by concealed carry licensees.
    • The bill was amended to only protect brief exposure of an otherwise concealed firearm.
  • HB 45 made Florida's 24-year-old firearms preemption law (F.S. 790.33) enforceable.
  • Authored and introduced HB 499/SB 1220 to allow military members and veterans under 21 to apply for their CWFL.
    • 2011 Bill died in committee 
    • UPDATE: Passed Unanimously in 2012! See HB 463 and SB 998.
  • Successful in having all anti-gun ordinances repealed in nearly 300 jurisdictions across the state.
  • Successful in having all anti-gun signs taken down statewide.
  • Had unlawful and ill-advised signs removed from the Florida Fish and Wildlife's Babcock-Webb Public Shooting Range.
    • These locally enacted policies created an extremely dangerous situation by forcing gun owners to stop on a public street and clear their firearms along the road before driving into the range parking lot.
    • Patrons of the range can now safely clear their firearms before reaching the firing line.


  • First Open Carry Fishing event held in Daytona Beach, FL 7/3/2011 to raise awareness of, and lobby for, Open Carry rights in Florida.
    • Florida and only six other states have wide bans on Open Carry.
  • Began campaign to challenge local laws that violate Firearms Preemption and lobbied to have a bill introduced to make Preemption Enforceable. 
    • Subsequently, HB 45 was introduced and passed with support from Florida Carry and the NRA.
  • Had unlawful and ill-advised anti-gun "gunbusters" signs removed from public parks and buildings in Duval, Lee, Volusia, and Flagler counties.
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